Yoyorecreation Sigtyr


I’ll be the first to admit that I own a couple throws that far surpass my throwing abilities. I have throws that spin real gud, and I have throws that spin real, real gud…the Sigtyr is in its own league. There is no reason that I need a yo-yo that can spin for longer than I can hold up my arm (I lose interest around the 6 min mark). This thing is a powerhouse. The heavy rim weight makes it incredibly difficult to tilt, almost requiring you to blatantly push into it with some force. If I ever had to throw in front of a crowd, the Sigtyr would be my safety crutch. That being said, I very rarely use it. It’s always nice to have a Ferrari in the garage though.

Side Note: This throw has busted my knuckles open multiple times. It bites fast and hard.

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