G² AL7 Aftershock

aftershockI was very excited for my first G² drop. Everyone praised these throws and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. You all know what happened next… add to cart… and they’re gone. I had no idea what kind of demand these had. By chance, I was browsing the G² website a couple weeks later when I noticed an End of the Year Mystery Box had been added. I believe this was an unannounced drop because I had all the time in the world to fill out my information and create a proper account. A couple weeks later, my first G² arrived! This instantly, and to this day, became my favourite yo-yo. It’s great for every trick I can throw and it’s the most stable mono metal that I own.

I’m also pretty good at snagging drops now.

2 thoughts on “G² AL7 Aftershock

  1. I’m down with these stories


    1. Every throw has a story…can’t wait to share the rest!


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