DIY: My Throw Cabinet

I have always enjoyed working on crafting projects, so when my collection started to spill out of the small box I had designated for throws, I knew it was time to get out the tools. At first, my only criteria was that it had to be enclosed. I wanted something that was self contained and would also keep the dust out – I like things clean.

I was taking some throw pictures with my guitar and realized that a fretboard would make a great stand. The only issue was that the frets are not equally spaced, depending on how high or low you go. This lead me to my next thought: train tracks. After searching for some wooden toy train tracks and not finding anything adequate, I decided to just make my own. This was easily (and inexpensively) accomplished with some wooden dowel and a couple packs of ‘no name‘ Jenga blocks. I finally had a rough idea of where I wanted to go with this display.

Once I had the supplies, it was time to treat the dowel. A bit of measuring, some cutting, some sanding and some staining and they were all ready for assembly. The blocks were already sanded and stained, so now it was just a matter of gluing. I made a simple template so that the blocks were equally spaced out. At that point, it was all labour. Once everything was glued in place, I used some heavy RC batteries to weight everything down and waited for them to dry.



I honestly wasn’t expecting to make anything elaborate, but as things started coming together, I knew I couldn’t half ass it now. Once the glue dried, it was still fairly visible, so I added some yarn ties to not only cover up the blemishes, but also add some detail and strength to the stands. I had 5 completed tracks and no real idea what to do next…I also had a lot of leftover yarn.



I wanted to test the strength of the glue and ties before I got much further, so I hung up the stands and loaded them up with throws. Everything was rock solid. I also liked how the tracks looked when they were suspended. The single strands of yarn, although sturdy, didn’t quite look as nice as I wanted. So, I began braiding connecting strings. This part of the project seemed to take hours. Once the braids were measured and properly tied off, I added some S hooks that I picked up at the hardware store.



The next step was finding the right cabinet. Nothing exciting here, just a lot of online browsing until I found one that I liked. The cabinet came in a few days later and it was insanely heavy. I had to open the box and move it piece by piece upstairs, where I eventually assembled it in my throw room. With the cabinet finished, I added a few hooks to the top and bottom and began suspending the tracks with the braided strings. Everything looked good and the racks were sturdy. The bottom ties helped prevent any back and forth swaying.




With the majority of the project completed, it was time for the finishing touches. I found some LED strip lights online that were battery operated and had a ton of settings. I later realized that this lighting also created a makeshift photobox within the cabinet. The included tape didn’t secure the lights well enough, so I used some U nails.


As soon as the lights were in place, the next obstacle arose. The LED strip and cables were very visible. I needed a way to hide everything. I spent a couple days trying to fabricate some form of blinders out of cardboard, but nothing looked nice. I ended up drawing some inspiration from the Muppet Show and ordered some red velour fabric to use as theater curtains. With a lot of help from my girlfriend and her sewing machine, we fabricated some mini curtains. These were a huge pain to properly drape inside of the cabinet, but in the end, it was exactly what I wanted.


The final step was simply cleaning everything up. The top and bottom hooks chipped away at some of the wood, so I went through and filled them in with brown marker. Once everything was dusted and inspected, the only thing left to do was load it up with throws.

The shelves inside the cabinet gave me 3 distinct sections. One for the racks, one for the rest of my throws and one that I could store boxes and my photography equipment. I also found a matching coat rack that I mounted on one of the cabinet doors to use as a string hanger – probably the best idea of the entire project.





That’s about it. I love how everything turned out. I was not expecting to take it this far, but it was well worth the time and effort. I hope you enjoyed this little walk through and maybe it will inspire some projects of your own.

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